TKO Products is one of the oldest and most recognized cannabis brands in California. Our vision is to use our passion for quality, potency and flavor to deliver the very best edibles, concentrates, vaporizers and cannabis-infused products on the market.


What we discovered as clinic managers, edible consumers and finally as producers of edibles, is that there is a need for consistently potent products with a good price point. One of the biggest complaints from clinic owners is that edible products were inconsistent in potency and unreliable when it came to deliveries by the vendors.


Established in 2010, initially, TKO Edibles was created for dispensaries that we personally managed, when the clinics were forced to close, we began soliciting our baked goods to other clinics.

Our Core Values

Privacy is without doubt important to your safety. Our foremost priority, protecting you from exposure by any means necessary. Additional, we do not compromise on standard and speed to bring you this promise as we promise to deliver only the top TKO cards and TKO extracts in the best situation.